Jhuma Gargai

I've been attending The King's Temple Church since three months. I've been wearing eyeglasses for a very long time and have been praying and believing God for perfect 20/20 vision.

On Sunday, June 5th, when I attended the Sunday service, Ps. Merlyn released a specific word for people who were having problems with their vision (eyesight). I received that word immediately and thanked God for speaking to me through the woman of God.

There was also another condition I was believing God for complete healing. I was born with legs that were different in size by an inch and even my feet and the length of my legs were not proportionate in size.

At The Awakening Conference 2016, during one of the sessions, on June 10th, 2016, Ps. David Hall called for people with my kind of condition. He prayed for healing and immediately I experienced a change in my body and legs. Today, that condition which I suffered since birth is healed and both my legs are the same size now.

I cannot express fully in words how grateful and thankful I am to God for touching and healing me completely from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet! I'm also thankful to God for planting me in this


Allu Rama Krishna Rao

I've been a member of The King's Temple Church for eight years. A few years ago, I noticed that tiny bubbles the size of a shirt button, were developing all over my face. These bubbles were extremely painful and caused constant itching. I took all sorts of treatments and medications for this condition but none of them worked.

I was sick and tired of this condition, so I decided to attend the Friday Night service on June 3, 2016, at church. That night my senior pastors, Dr. Samuel Patta & Ps. Merlyn Patta, released a specific word regarding my condition. They called me to the front and anointed me with oil. That very moment the anointing of God surged through my body. On that very night, all the bubbles disappeared from my face and I'm completely healed now.

I thank God for touching me and healing me of this condition. Also, I thank God for my pastors who prayed for me and feed me with the Word every week.



I've been attending The King's Temple church regularly for almost four years. Recently, my sister in law who lives in Chennai had an accident and suffered with severe injuries. She fractured two L5 bones (located in the spinal column) on the left side of her body and also her hipbones. In addition to that, the impact of the accident had also caused a deep cut near her uterus area. The doctors advised that surgery had to be done

My sister in law called and explained the situation to me. Immediately, I took a bottle of anointing oil that Ps. Patta prayed over recently and sent it to Chennai. I advised my family members to start applying the anointing oil on the affected parts of her body and start thanking God for complete healing. They did this for about a week and we were all believing God for a supernatural miracle! The day of the surgery arrived and the doctors wanted run some tests on her before the procedure. The doctors were absolutely shocked and surprised to find that all the bones that were injured and broken were intact! They cancelled all the scheduled four surgeries. She was only treated for a few superficial wounds and was discharged and sent home.

As some of my non-Christian family members witnessed this amazing miracle, they could not deny the reality and power of Jesus. Without hesitation, they right away gave their lives to Christ.
All Glory to God for planting me in a prayer-filled Word based church!!



I've been a faithful member of The King's Temple Church for many years. On May 3rd 2016, while I was at work, I noticed that I was unable to speak properly and suddenly started to stammer. In addition to that, I was also experiencing excruciating pain in my right arm.

I had that pain in my right arm from the day before but I didn't pay too much attention to it. So, the next day I went for a check up. The doctor examined me and recommended that I undergo treatment for paralysis because of the impaired speech. He also advised that I get an MRI scan to help identify the problem. The reports from the MRI scan showed that I had a blood clot in my brain and that was the reason for the pain in my arm and the impaired speech.

Despite the negative report from the doctor, I did not give up, loose hope or panic. As a member of The King's Temple Church and a consistent tither, I did not accept the report but I was determined to stand on the Word of God from complete restoration of health.

On June 12th 2016, I attended Sunday service and after the service I met with my pastor, Dr. Samuel Patta, and asked him to pray regarding my condition. I also told him that I believed that my miracle was in the mouth of my prophet. Not only that, I even sowed a precious seed because I learnt in my church that a seed will meet any need. I needed healing!

When my pastor prayed for me, immediately my speech became normal and I was completely healed.
Today, I live in divine health and no longer suffer with any of the past conditions.

I thank God for planting me in a church that teaches the un compromised Word of God. I also want to thank my pastors for their prayers and consistent teaching of the Word



I'm from Vijaywada. I've been a partner with Samuel Patta Ministries and a regular viewer of "All Things are Possible".

On February 12th, 2016, I suffered severe bleeding and it continued daily. Finally, on March 8th, I visited the hospital to get checked. The doctor examined me thoroughly and told me that I had cysts in both the uterus and the ovaries due to which the doctor suggested that I undergo a hysterectomy. He also said that there was high likelihood that the cysts could be cancerous. As I heard him say that, I was gripped with fear and at the same time, I was depressed and down hearted. He also told me that this was high risk surgery and nothing was guaranteed. Deep down, I was not ready to accept this report.

The surgery was scheduled for April 13th, which was the same day as my birthday. Everything was set for the surgery and I was admitted into the hospital that day. All the reports were taken, and the anaesthesia was ready. Just before the everything was about to start, I received a phone call from Samuel Patta Ministries and the prayer counsellor called to pray a blessing on my birthday. I spoke to the counsellor who called me and explained to her that I was admitted in the hospital for surgery. Immediately, the prayer counsellor said that there would be no surgery performed and God would miraculously heal me. She prayed for me over the phone and encouraged me with Word. After that phone call, the doctor who was scheduled to perform the surgery, cancelled it due to unknown reasons.

The surgery was re-scheduled for April 22nd. From April 13th to April 22nd, I kept confessing, praying and believing God for a supernatural miracle.